In The Black Of Night

I’m waiting for my bus in the black  of night But the bus is leaving before me; Me and my tear-stained blurry sight Looks like I won’t be home tonight I won’t be washing the dishes I won’t be pouring myself some “after dinner” coffee I won’t be pouring myself some “before bedtime” whiskey IContinue reading “In The Black Of Night”

When My Phone Is Ringing With Your Name

In a dark livingroom, with blinded windows I’m drowning in tears. . You’re the one: My loved one, And you’re gone. . I try my best to forget you. I try my best to let my confused mind know you’re never coming back. But you’re trying your best to reach out, Baby, are you insane?!Continue reading “When My Phone Is Ringing With Your Name”

What Gets Me Through Sleepless Nights

I’m staring at a bottle of wine In the past it was untouched But now it is broken into shards I drink whiskey real greedy, from the dusty bottle A bottle of whiskey I never used and thought I’d never would in the future But here I am and I know I’ve been lying toContinue reading “What Gets Me Through Sleepless Nights”

 I Still Struggle With Saying Goodbye

You wouldn’t wanted me to cry You wanted me trying to live a lonely life without you . But you’re gone Far away from here And I still struggle with saying goodbye to my loved ones, my friends I still struggle with getting used to everything When you’re not here and there . You wouldn’tContinue reading ” I Still Struggle With Saying Goodbye”