Darling I’ll Be Waiting

Forgetting an old love is so hard Darling, I know But I’ll be waiting until your thoughts about him will dissapear like melting snow So you will only think about me I’ll be waiting ’till the grey sea turns blue And there’s no more gambling about rain There’s no more pain Instead there are theContinue reading “Darling I’ll Be Waiting”

The Taste Of Beer

Hot summer days, Like this aren’t always lasting forever. T-Shirts sticking against sun-tanned skins with layers of undried sunscreen And parts of itching sand (they were never unseen). . We’re drinking beer from our plastic dixie cups. Luke Bryan blasting out of the speakers, Sand covered sneakers, Salty lips, Well-worn beachslippers. . We’re seeing feetContinue reading “The Taste Of Beer”

Her Toyota

I arrive at your street  I see your chevy truck It reminds me Of our “friday movie nights” And my oldtimer ; I don’t see it this time standing next to your car Instead I see a toyata  And I want to drown so far  far from this hell I’m living in It hurts meContinue reading “Her Toyota”


A bullet wound is hurting me A storm of fear won’t leave me . So I live in sorrow And I’ll keep asking myself if I still know about the existance of safety and love. . So I live in sorrow And I hide myself underneath thousands of masks; for thousands of situations, for thousandsContinue reading “Sorrow”

My Family Broke Apart

The dining table’s empty now The ash from daddy’s cigarettes are blowing in the dead garden I keep trying to brush the dirt away But it keeps showing like the tears Rolling against my cheeks . My sister moved to a busy town, far away from here My brother was working to live on hisContinue reading “My Family Broke Apart”