My Family Broke Apart

The dining table’s empty now

The ash from daddy’s cigarettes are blowing in the dead garden

I keep trying to brush the dirt away

But it keeps showing like the tears

Rolling against my cheeks


My sister moved to a busy town, far away from here

My brother was working to live on his own

 Mother was being sick of living alone

Father couldn’t stop smoking and didn’t give my mother the love he sure had

At nights he didn’t arrive home  and slept on a strangers couch instead

Mother kept her head high through everything that happened

But soon enough a divorce came..

Our family fell into puddles of blood

And my mother cried..


The dining table’s still empty 

My mother’s still crying

I’m holding her hand

I’m giving her all of my love

I try to keep the pain away

But it keeps coming back

Like the tears rolling against our cheeks


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