The Taste Of Beer

Hot summer days,

Like this aren’t always lasting forever.

T-Shirts sticking against sun-tanned skins with layers of undried sunscreen

And parts of itching sand (they were never unseen).


We’re drinking beer from our plastic dixie cups.

Luke Bryan blasting out of the speakers,

Sand covered sneakers,

Salty lips,

Well-worn beachslippers.


We’re seeing feet slip away into soft sand by the shore

That ‘ol sand’s so wet;  we’re all so sure


“We will never forget,

But tell me buddy, do you want to know,

The taste of beer?”


The seawind’s bringing me here back again,

By the pier.

And I’m staring at the horizon,

With a beer in my hand.

I know this summer’s so sencire

With you, my friend.


“So, will you ever forget,

Do you still know,

The taste of beer, my friend?”


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