I Try To Get Over You

I know, sad songs; 

You have so many of them,

And I know too well, 

it’s to painful to hide my tears,

So I know I should share them

And try to let go of my fears


But I know deep down 

I can’t hold onto that,

Usually I let myself drown in endless seas of tears

And it’s killing me inside to live with all of my fears,

So instead I’ll keep staring at those dead trees in my dead garden

And I’ll break every possible contact from the world outside

I make up excuses for not showing up at every “friday party night” with my good ‘ol friends


I’ll be here in my dark livingroom,

I fall onto the floor,

because of the slippery blood, coming out of the dirty sink.

I haven’t washed my dishes in an eternity, I think.


But I get up from the floor,

 I barely move any muscle,

Like I didn’t have done before:

 I see your jacket

Still hanging on my old coat rack

And just when I thought I got over you 

I smell you

And baby I don’t know what to do


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