MacMillan Pier, Provincetown – Cape Cod

With many sand stuck between my toes,

Seasalt itching onto the skin of my legs;

It goes whever it goes.


A sunset shown for me

With my bare feet, I walk on wooden beams

Seagulls are roaming around endlessly, it seems.


On this wooden pier,

That’s where I am

And where I’ll be,

Forever and always in my dreams


I hear the movement of the wind against those shell necklaces,

Hanging on the facade from the souvenirs store.

Fishing rods hovering over the shore,

Seabass and cod swimming in the salt sea.

Old restaurants by the harbor  serving lobster, you’ll see.

The beauty of those coloured wooden houses; red, blue, seagreen,

They still look the same as they will ever be.


A summer in Provincetown,

Cape Cod

I’ll still remember those beaches,

I’ll never want to forget when I’m old


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