I’m Only A Stranger

I saw you crashing down onto the  hard ground from the lonely shopping district,

You saw your high hopes falling down.

And you ran away with your awaken instinct.

With your knees wounded in a dirty puddle of rainwater now coloured red from your flowing blood,

Yes, you thought your own expectations about love were positive,

They gave you enough courage,

They were so good.

Until you came in touch with the reality

And it felt like you forgot everything, anything around you,

Because it wasn’t you

But another woman he held in his arms.


And I tell you: 

I’m only a stranger,

A shy witness,

In such a sad situation,

with his unrequited feelings for you..


I tell you:

I’m only a stranger,

A shy witness,

But I want to comfort you,

Although it won’t help,

Because I know it’ll only make you cry harder and harder.

Trust me, I won’t bother you


So I tell you for the very last time;

I’m only a stranger,

A shy witness,

But I see you in my thoughts,

By the lonely shopping district

And I’ll keep asking myself,

 if you’re still there,

If you’re crashed down on your knees.

I don’t know.

Maybe you’re standing there,

With your mind filled with doubts, questions and tears.

I don’t know.

But when I recognize you on the street after all those years,

Would you accept my embrace,

Lean in into my hug,

Forget your fears?

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