How It Would Be In Their Shoes

Jackson, Mississippi feels like home to me

Like an eternity of safetiness

Jackson, Mississippi doesn’t feel quite like home to them

But something close to horrendous

Like an eternity of living all together in a prison

And my heart hurts

Just like my head does

With all the rules and signs I’m reading

This humanity is so cruel

I’m bleeding

I’m crying

I’m walking through lonely and dark streets

Wondering if they can sleep underneath their tear-stained sheets

I know all too well how it would be for me in their shoes

I don’t know where I will go

When I get attacked with judge and lies

They gossip about me and my race

And my life

And there’s nobody caring about me

I must be dead or alive

At night I should be sleepless

I should have insomnia

I would be tossing and turning underneath my blood stained blanket

And I’ll be loosing count on how many tears I have shed

I would ask myself who would tear me down the next morning

Who would spit on me without any warning

Who would yell about my coloured skin

Who would crash down my life I’m living in

After all I left my confidence

My joy, my hapiness

What should I do with them in this pain?

I know all too well how it would be for me in their shoes



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