The Grocery Store

It’s only afternoon but it’s already dark outside
I hear sounds of barcode scanning devices

And people, acquaintances, or neighbors, they talk with eachother in endless rows by the cash desks

And yeah I drown in loneliness


My feet aren’t moving anymore  because my eyes can’t stand the flickering of the same old fluorescent lights

I feel cramps in my heart because it’s still longing for you and your presence


Usually we would dance underneath the fluorescent lights

And the radio was playing our favorite country song

The lights would flicker like they still do, even now

But in the past I wouldn’t bother


So I just stand here alone facing the freezer

And I feel so cold

I ask myself what I would have for dinner tonight

I’m so alone

So it doesn’t make any sense to choose any food

Because soon enough I would lose my appetite


I’m longing for you

Like my heart does

Even when it’s barely breathing with so many wounds

Darling please don’t leave me again

Darling don’t leave me lonely


I don’t want those judging looks in the supermarket

My face is a mess

My mascara is smudging

Baby I can’t hide my tears anymore

When I have to do it without you


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