I’ll Be The One Watching Over You

Yes I hold you close ‘Til the very last breath you take I’m still there  I’ll be the one watching over you And when your heart breaks Honey it’s just breaking like mine I know I don’t have enough time I don’t want to realise yet, you’ll be gone too soon But I know youContinue reading “I’ll Be The One Watching Over You”

This Sad Katie Melua Song

When just a single song can wound you deep within With your fingertops automatically playing the song again and again You know your weak body is living in a sin When just a single song could make you feel lifeless inside You know it’s you that will be bleeding there into the cold white snowContinue reading “This Sad Katie Melua Song”

Tennessee Whiskey & Nespresso

A taste overwhelming It is taking its lead A taste yet so delicious and sweet Dripping into the grooves from my tongue I already opened the bottle  Of my favorite liquor very soon just because I couldn’t wait ’til the end of noon But it seems I lost my routine When I already drank myContinue reading “Tennessee Whiskey & Nespresso”