Roadtripping Without You

Eating oysters from the shell

On a terrace close by the shore

I’m having vacation all alone

Like I never did before


In Cape Cod I take a break

And I’m served lobster by the coast

I know you sure find it tasty

The aroma of the beach and the sea

But you didn’t want to see an this and come with me


So I hope another love’s soothing  you to sleep

I hope another love is kissing you

when I bleed

I hope she’s whispering your name

I still hear

in the movement of the gulfs


 My old feelings for you are haunting me with every step I take

With every decision I make

Without you


I cross every ocean 

I cross every sea

So I hope I will forget you and your face

But with every breath I take

It’s you I find again

Your presence that’s following me in this place


When you’re falling in love with her

I’m falling in love with the sea


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