Ed Prosek & The Apple Tree

My washed hair

Fallen apples 

Are anywhere on the ground

They did belong to their home and their house;

the apple trees


This morning I wanted to make myself some coffee

But I didn’t knew I first needed to empty the coffee machine; 

(too many Nespresso capsules eventually got stuck)

So I accidentally spilled coffee onto my pants and my brand new blouse

But don’t worry

I don’t feel sad during this beautiful summer morning

& I don’t worry about just a coffee stain

That’s because I have so much space for joy and hapiness


Waterlelies are dancing with the silent stream of water from the ditch

I feel warmth in my veins

A single seagull makes me know his presence by laughing very loudly

I experience it like a horrible sound that makes my whole restful body flinch

The sun is shining through the chestnut leaves

The grass from the orchard’s tickling against my feet 

I’m here underneath a wonderful apple tree

Shadows are dancing on my cheeks from those green leaves

& I get lost in the melodies from songs that are playing in my head

From a wonderful singer named Ed Prosek


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