Reba McEntire Reminds Me Of You

It doesn’t take long for me to let myself fall down onto this broken asphalt

close to the tank station

I inhale the horrible smell of gasoline that’s smeared onto the dirty ground

It’s my fault the fuel gauge’s turning red

I’ve been driving around all night without no destination ahead

I have enough

I have enough if this

I have enough of changing my ruined make-up again and again in this lonely washing room from this kiosk

I don’t want to let myself show when I have these dark bags underneath my eyes

Lately everybody keeps asking me if I’m alright

And even the cashier from the kiosk seem to care

But all I do is making up lies

She looks at me

And I blame myself for my horrible looking sight she has to see

I take a closer look and see her red curly hair nobody can’t deny

All I do is cry

Because the cashier reminds me of an 80’s looking Reba McEntire

And Reba McEntire reminds me of you

Right when I’m about turn away I hear the song “Does He Love You” from Reba McEntire and Linda Davis playing on the radio

I can’t handle myself anymore

The cashier talks to me with a worried expression on her face but I can’t hear her no more

Her name card reads the name “Reba” and I’m hurting like I was minutes before

I swear I see you standing next to me

But there’s no sign from you that I see

after all you’re just a hallucination

and right now it feels somebody’s killing me in this frustration

I run through the lonely streets with my broken heels

Somebody’s crossing my path

A lantern lightens up a familiar face

It’s showing someone’s facial features that I know all too well from reading reading news about her in The Country Weekly newspaper 

Her typical red locks are dancing on her shoulders

I’m standing opposite the real Reba..

Reba McEntire

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