I Was Patsy Cline

In 1963,

The 4th of march

I played a concert

In Kansas City

The next day;

The 5th of march

I took a flight back to home 

Back to Tennessee


I was only 30 

But I stood on the stage of Grand Ole Opry

Momma was so proud of me, I made her cry

My singing carreer made me feel so happy inside

People said I was shining so bright


Sometimes when I traveled all


My mother’s smile was there in the back of my mind;

A single sign of love to remember when I was feeling weak.


But where did it all go wrong?

Yeah I remember I played my last song,

& Stumbled into my hotelbed that night,
The 5th of march,

I took that flight.

Everything felt so right,

Until it didn’t.

The airplane lost it’s good name,

It hit the ground .

I couldn’t hear the endless cries of the passengers no more,

Everything went black before my eyes


My 30th year of life,

It didn’t end up right.

I think my momma cried tears of pain that night


I’m wondering if they’re still standing there at my grave,

Julie and Randy;

My dear daughter and son

And Charles,

my husband that I loved for so long.

I’m wondering if people still remember me,

when I’m on the front page of a country music magazine.

I’m wondering if my cowboy boots and microphone are getting used to a life without me.

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