She Got Drunk Last Night

I’m in my car

I’m on my way to the cigar and beer smelling bar

I’m in my car

I’m on my way

to my best friend 

She’s drunk and wasted

She’s broken inside

I want to pick her up

So she can stay somewhere safe tonight

I want her to stay by my side


I know she told me when she cried

She couldn’t handle another lie

She couldn’t handle another goodbye

Again and again

I’m getting sick of seeing her

 getting head over heals for his false charm 

Again and again


So I just hold her into my arms

My lovely best friend

Her warm tears are falling onto the tearstained skin of my arms

Reba McEntire’s sweet music is meant to make her forget him for a while

To make her warm inside

But suddenly “She Got Drunk Last Night” is playing on spotify

I hear her starting to cry

In my nervous state

I’m messing with the buttons to pause the song

Nothing is right anymore

Everything is wrong

I can’t reach out to her

She already left my house

She’s gone


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