Grandpa’s Tractor

He puts on his light brown trench coat,

He puts on his farmers hat,

I’m putting on my rubber boots.

Grandpa opens the door from the barn,

And there I see it

 the red tractor standing in the warm sun that has been sneakin’ through the old window.

My grandpa laughs at me when he catches me looking at his tractor in awe,

He grabs my hand and tilts me up 

He lets me sit on his lap


He promised he would take me for a ride on his tractor,

He said, as he took a bite of his sandwich with old cheese;

At lunch time,

When we were sitting at the round mahogany dining table..


And here we are driving on this gravel path close to the shiny water from the ditch,

We are driving through the meadow for a little time.


I’m grown up now,

But I can still smell the fresh scent of  mown grass,

And I still taste grandma’s selfmade blackberry lemonade that she poured into my glass when we were done taking a ride with the tractor..


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