Beach Towels And Tim McGraw Songs

I accidentally spilled a whole can of Miller Lite onto my beach towel,

because I was in such a happy mood,

I’m such a coward,

Now I lost my sunglasses..


My feet are covered with warm sand,

seasalt is lingering against my skin.

I’ve been pushed into the sea by my best friends,

now I’m sitting on my beer stained towel,

& I’m waiting for the sun to dry my wet hair.

I must be smelling like beer

But I don’t care.


I’m putting on music from spotify,

that’s playing on my JBL! Speakers.

You must be calling me a country music freak!

“Southern Girl, Something Like That, Lookin’ For That Girl, Mexicoma, One Of Those Nights, Right Back Atcha Babe, Red Ragtop, My Next Thirty Years and Felt Good On My Lips”, are songs that’ll make this summer last forever.


I’m tasting suncream on my sunburned lips,

I fancy icecold beer

And cornetto’s


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