Paal 21, De Koog

The feeling of sunburned lips We take a sip  From the special beer of Texel The seasalt is lingering on the coners of our mouths Our tongues are tasting bitterballen and mustard Kids are playing soccer in the sand A beautiful summerbreeze’s embracing us She lets us rest Sandy feet are walking onto the woodenContinue reading “Paal 21, De Koog”

Those Sad Songs From Brantley Gilbert

This empty side of the bed, Your scent still in that pillow that once was yours, I still keep it with me, on chairs, my couch or when I’m sleeping on the cold floor.. Is it crazy, that I’m still wearing your cotton T-Shirt? I do it because I miss you. Is it crazy my bestContinue reading “Those Sad Songs From Brantley Gilbert”