Trenchoat & Audrey Hepburn

A light brown trenchcoat,

with folds by the end of the sleeves

A trenchcoat you bought for me, from the little store by the end of the road.

My trenchcoat is now drenched,

I’m mourning your death ’till the end.

You gave me this trenchcoat,

And I gave you all of my heart.


Do you remember, 

You used to tell me I looked like Audrey Hepburn,

when I was wearing my trenchoat,

And my huge sunglasses on my face.

Now I walk by a thriftshop,

I’m standing by the storefront,

I see a framed polaroid from Audrey Hepburn wearing the same sunglasses and my light brown trenchcoat…

…It hurt’s me.

Published by IlseDekkerPoetry

I'm Ilse Dekker from the Netherlands. I started writing poems in 2012. I write poems about country music, love and Jesus.

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