My Heart Is Filled With Tears 

I will never see your face again in a crowd, Your smile is faded out. And my heart is filled with tears. . I still wanted you to be here with me, But everything is ruined, dead, and gone, I see…, – now that I’m standing at your grave. I’m bleeding blood and tears, IContinue reading “My Heart Is Filled With Tears “

In This Train

I’m in this train, I’m in this seat. I’m in this train, There’s nobody I need, I just like to be at myself. I just like to disappear from everybody for a while; So I listen to country songs and I’m letting the melodies and lyrics flow into my head, I hear myself singing inContinue reading “In This Train”


8:00 Am: I’m by the English shore; & The seawind is making me quiet like never before. 9:00 AM: I enjoyed my breakfast very well, can you tell?, ‘Cause there’s still some strawberry and whipcream from this scone left on my teeth. & can you smell the English tea on my breath? 12 PM: It isContinue reading “England”

Forgive Me, Forgive Me, Forgive Me, Forgive Me, Forgive Me, Forgive Me.

Forgive me when there’s blood, stained on your denim blouse. Let me suffer because I’m already losing you. Forgive me when people say I don’t want to talk to you anymore, darling.. it’s true. Forgive me, Forgive me, Forgive me, Forgive me. Let my wounds be deep and huge, ’cause living here without you isContinue reading “Forgive Me, Forgive Me, Forgive Me, Forgive Me, Forgive Me, Forgive Me.”

Inspiration At The Beach Poem Two

I see warning signs telling me to watch out since it’s not safe but dangerous by this pier. But still, I’m here and I don’t care about stupid rules anymore. So I walk onto those slippery moss- stained rocks with my bare feet, Seagulls are screaming at me in serious need; They are making myContinue reading “Inspiration At The Beach Poem Two”

Inspiration At The Beach Poem One

I’m going back to the place, where the gulfs are are rolling down onto the shore  and seasalt is lingering on my face. I’m going back to the place where I can see the reflection of the sea in the windows from those tiny beach houses, I’m going back to the place that still feelsContinue reading “Inspiration At The Beach Poem One”

Your Toothbrush

It is midnight, I’ve waited to long to remove my make-up, because I didn’t feel like going out of my tear stained bed tonight. Now I feel my make-up remover stinging in my eyes.  I’m the one that cries.. . I’ve lost everything; My pyjama’s, my toothpaste and even my toothbrush, So I’m hoplesslely searchingContinue reading “Your Toothbrush”

Elie Saab Dresses

Look at the way those candlelights are lighting up thousands of young feminine faces, of young icons, authors, actors, singers or celebrities; ( Karlie Kloss, Amy Adams, Taylor Swift or Jennifer Lawrence), Clothed in beautiful Elie Saab dresses. In a crowded room the waitress is serving them wine, They look so devine In Ellie SaabContinue reading “Elie Saab Dresses”