Mrs. H. (From The Retirementhome)

She told me when she was young,

she lived downtown Amersfoort,

close by the street “The Little Hedge”.

I saw laughter was moving her chest,

when she told me she used to ice skate on the icy canals from Amersfoort with her friends,

During wintertime with a thick scarf around her neck.

She told me her dad came back from his work at evenings because he was a coalworker,

And that he always came back before supper with a big back of coals for the fireplace,

while mama was making dinner.


When she leaves the livingroom in this retirementhome after dinner,

She waves at the elderly that are still gathered around the table for coffee.

she grabs her rollator and starts to walk to the door..

But not before she smiles that smile at me,

And she holds both of my hands..

When she leaves the room the only thing I hear are those soft sounding footsteps moving through the hallway on the wooden floor.


I still see her smile;

The smile that begins in her eyes,

and appears on her soft looking cheeks,

I still see her beautiful grey hair…


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