Your Toothbrush

It is midnight,

I’ve waited to long to remove my make-up,

because I didn’t feel like going out of my tear stained bed tonight.

Now I feel my make-up remover stinging in my eyes.

 I’m the one that cries..


I’ve lost everything;

My pyjama’s, my toothpaste and even my toothbrush,

So I’m hoplesslely searching in empty drawers.

I’m standing before a dirty mirror,

with a frown stamped into my face.

I know this grey sky isn’t getting clearer..


Where is my stuff?

I sigh as I empty my garbage can;

There’s my pyjama,my toothpaste, my toothbrush.. and even your toothbrush too.

I swear I can still smell your breath on your toothbrush,

I can still hear the sound of you brushing your teeth,

I can still see your toothpaste (foam filled cheeks)…


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