The Shires

8:00 Am:

I’m by the English shore;

& The seawind is making me quiet like never before.

9:00 AM:

I enjoyed my breakfast very well,

can you tell?,

‘Cause there’s still some strawberry and whipcream from this scone left on my teeth.

& can you smell the English tea on my breath?

12 PM:

It is noon and I’m graving for fish & chips,

& before I leave this restaurant I’ll make sure to give the waitress a huge tip.

3 PM:

In this pub I like to drink this ice cold beer,

& I see familiar faces,

They’re making me feel welcome to be here.

6 PM:

When I want to free my mind I just walk on the Bournemouth Pier,

& this red coloured sunset reminds me I don’t want to go anywhere.


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