Nash Country Weekly 

I remember so well, Summer of 2015,

we went on vacation to the U.S.A.,

to places we’d never seen & never been before.

We took a 10 hour plane flight from Brussels Airport to Boston Airport.

I remember we were sitting in bright blue airplane seats with white pillows resting against our tired cheeks.

In the plane I quickly discovered a music station and it was touch screen!

I smiled widely and scrolled through the genre “Country” and started to listen to the album Pageant Material from Kacey Musgraves.

We rented a typical american car by Budget Rental Cars.

My father put on the radio and I sang along to “Whatever She’s Got” from David Nail, “Kick The Dust Up” from Luke Bryan and “Homegrown Honey” from Darius Rucker. 

In Walmart I liked to roam around. I liked to run on the polished grey ground.

Then my eyes fell upon thousands of magazines but the magazines from Nash Country Weekly were the ones that really stood out.

On the first page I saw a coloured country singer with a guitar in his hand. “Southern Gentleman” the title said. I read Darius‘ music carreer was going big and far. 

So I bought the magazine and heard my family talk and laugh about my love for country music.


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