You’ll see me on giant bill boards by Time Square

You’ll see me appearing in hundreds of cities, You’ll see me anywhere & everywhere

“Taylor Swift buys this million worth villa”


Each time there’s brand new news about me on Radar Online and OK! Magazine

But I don’t have the time and the mind to sink into this world of social madness

“This is something you haven’t seen before. Watch Taylor Swift’s opinion”




You’ll see me in thousands of newspapers,

You’ll see me on thousands of front papers.

Tabloids are speculating if I’m angry, happy, stressed or when I’m sad.

“Taylor swift looked quite irritated today”


Paparazzi likes to act desperate when they don’t have any new material from me to write about.

I bet they love it if I just shout out anything or really nothing,

They had to wait 3 years,

for them it was too long..

But if I’m honest,

It seems at the very end I’m making it too easy for them,

‘cause tomorrow night I’ll be releasing my new song.

“What does Taylor Swift mean with a snake in her new video?”



Paparazzi likes to judge my fashion style,

they say I finally became a mature young woman,

after shaking away my past years containing curly hair, cowboy boots and long dresses.

Now all that’s left are my short T-shirts and tiny skirts,

and my short blonde tresses.

Taylor Swift is changing from plaid shirts to crop tops”



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