Your White Linen Blouses

Your white linen blouse reminds me of you,

it is still packed into a plastic cover.

Your white linen blouse reminds me of the time you always used to come over.

But this time you won’t.

So I refuse to open this package..

 Oh no, I’m opening it.

& I ain’t go no clues to fix my problem.

This is so wrong,

I’m holding a white linen blouse that reminds me of you,

((The way you always bought new blouses online,

Even though you still had 6 more blouses hanging on the clothesline.

I teased you for that but you smiled and said you were fine.))

Now my blood is pouring down on the doormat,

 I’m getting laughed at by my own wounds.

The mailguy still doesn’t know you moved to your own house,

So he still deliveres those hurtful packages of your white linen blouses.

& I’m sitting here on a lifeless floor with my tear & mascara stained trousers.

I miss you like I never did before.

I miss your laughter.

I miss your kisses.








Published by IlseDekkerPoetry

I'm Ilse Dekker from the Netherlands. I started writing poems in 2012. I write poems about country music, love and Jesus.

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