2 AM In Bleeding Car

Once in a life of a lost girl: She was driving her bleeding car at 2 AM, She was driving far away from her home town. For she was 20 and well grown, She was moving out and missing home. She plugged in her Spotify playlist and The Night Game was on constant repeat. SheContinue reading “2 AM In Bleeding Car”

I’m Living In Pain

The heartbreaking ballads from Ray LaMontagne are the bullets wounding me and my body, I can’t seem to explain you why I can’t sleep. Maybe it’s because of Sam Smith’s voice that’s haunting me during the night, Or maybe it’s because of my everlasting fright. A sea of blood is surrounding my dying feet, SadContinue reading “I’m Living In Pain”

Why Do You Think?

I’m eating dark chocolate until I feel my body’s too bitter and it’s about to give up when it shouldn’t. I’m eating until I feel my wounds overflowing with my dark and innocent blood. Everybody’s already so mean towards me, then why do you think you’re the only one that isn’t throwing soot in myContinue reading “Why Do You Think?”

Sauvignon Blanc & Bubblegum Ice Cream

During a summerevening in August around 10 pm, I saw many young people drinking with their friends. They drank beer, wine, or whiskey, Some of them were sober, Some of them were drunk, Some of them were tipsy. I enjoyed my glass of Sauvignon Blanc, its sweet taste traveled along the way to my spine.Continue reading “Sauvignon Blanc & Bubblegum Ice Cream”