Acoustic Happenstance (an album by Rachael Yamagata)

This album is playing in nosy ears, We hear a voice we really like. We hear a sound that is tiny but very right. We hear soft instruments that are so fragile and bright.     This album is playing in broken people, This album is playing in smiles or tears. This album is playingContinue reading “Acoustic Happenstance (an album by Rachael Yamagata)”

And Blood Is Dripping On My Skin

Your lies are wounding me just like thorns that are piercing me from within and the fragile life I’m living in.. ..And blood is dripping on my skin.. . Your lies are wounding me just like hundreds of needles aching my ice cold heart.. ..And blood is dripping on my skin.. . Your lies areContinue reading “And Blood Is Dripping On My Skin”

Why Do People Cry?

Why do people cry?  Why do people cry when they’re sharing emotions and feelings? Why do people cry behind their  masks? Why do people cry about themselves?  Why do people cry about forgiveness?  Why do people cry about their traumatic experiences? Why do people cry? Why do people cry at cementries?  Why do people cryContinue reading “Why Do People Cry?”

My Friends Tell Me To Move On

Here I am, sitting on this old barstool, It is crowded, and the drunk people are rude. My friends decided it was easy for me to move on, but I guess they are wrong. I bet they don’t have any clue what’s going on with my phone. You’re lighting it up like some crazy moron,Continue reading “My Friends Tell Me To Move On”

It Feels Like You’re Still Underneath My Sheets

The scent of you still lingers in my sheets, even in one of my old pillows. When I’m walking down the streets at night, You’re there with me in every streetlight. At midnight it feels like you’re still underneath my sheets. Your scent is still lingering between my cold fingertips, pale skin and trembling lips.

Olivia Lane

A summer night, at parking lot from Walmart; Young girls were having the time of their lives, Yeah they were blasting Olivia Lane. It was the sound of opened Pepsi cans, and young country music fans. Smiles were painted on their beautiful suntanned faces, the girls couldn’t hide their excitement; yeah they were blasting OliviaContinue reading “Olivia Lane”

Eating Pizza In The Tailgate

I lay down some soft blankets and pillows on the tailgate, does somebody know a good place to eat for tonight? Ruby Tuesday is where we ate burgers yesterday. In N Out is the place for the perfect fastfood, Does somebody know what we want to eat for tonight? Taco Bell is graving us withContinue reading “Eating Pizza In The Tailgate”

A Young Woman With The Dark Green Raincoat

A young woman wearing a dark green raincoat, was the girl cycling during the beginning of the night. A young woman wearing a dark green raincoat, is the girl we were and still are crying about tonight. A young woman wearing a dark green raincoat, was the girl that took a silly picture in theContinue reading “A Young Woman With The Dark Green Raincoat”

Bloodstained Cowboy Hats

Las Vegas at the beginning of a warm october; in 2017. Southern boots are dancing in high grass, the sound of beer pouring into glasses. There’s a crowd of joy and laughter, A crowd of happy friends, mothers, brothers, fathers, sisters, sons and daughters. Innocent lives fell down into death, Many lives are wounded. LasContinue reading “Bloodstained Cowboy Hats”