Your Hand Brushing Against Mine

In a busy crowd, there isn’t such a thing like emptiness. Thousands of people are pushing and pulling for a way out. Nobody can hear each other, They don’t understand each other. Just when I think you already went home, I see you and you’re still standing in this maze, I smell your cologne. IContinue reading “Your Hand Brushing Against Mine”

Eva Jinek

It’s early in the morning and Eva wakes up, The coffee machine is brewing piecefully in the background. Eva holds a newspaper in her hands and she’s deep in thoughts. She’s reading about different cities, different places, about people and human races.   Eva is prepared to go to work as she puts her shoesContinue reading “Eva Jinek”

I Can’t Sleep Tonight

I can’t sleep tonight, it’s your face flashing right before my eyes. So I grab my car keys and I drive to the place where you rest. The roses are already dead and gone; The ones I placed by your thombstone weeks ago. The tears of blood I cried that night are spilling your graveContinue reading “I Can’t Sleep Tonight”