This Bottle Of Champagne

I don’t want to keep this bottle in my cupboard anymore, It has been there for many years, and it still has been there; the day before you said goodbye. I don’t want to drink from it anymore to forget our past, Being wasted makes me so sore. So I grab this bottle of champagneContinue reading “This Bottle Of Champagne”

I Will Kill Your Nightmares

Every night you wake up at 3 AM in complete fear, You don’t know where you are and your vision is blurred by your tears. . But baby I’m right here, I won’t go anywhere, I have to make you feel safe. I will kill your nightmares because I really love you. . Every nightContinue reading “I Will Kill Your Nightmares”


Your black button-up’s already wrinkled, from those dreadful day & night shifts. Your white apron’s covered with stains of beer, wine and whiskey. The soles of your shoes are dirty from the floor. Your hair is greasy & sweaty from the hard work, your hair smells like smoke and you don’t smell the shampoo anymore,Continue reading “Bartender”

Yesterday Night

Yesterday night I couldn’t sleep, And I was up. You were the reason I was wide awake. . Yesterday night I was wandering in my dark living room; I was dreaming about last week when you were here with me and your hand was lightly brushing against my waist. . Yesterday night I was dreamingContinue reading “Yesterday Night”

It’s You I Loathe

Please put on your coat, It’s time for you to go. Oh, it’s you I loathe. Can’t you hear me?! It’s time for you to go! Leave this beautiful city, Go to your ugly town! Grab your pasport right now, don’t you dare forget your wallet! I want you to go, please put on yourContinue reading “It’s You I Loathe”