When You Walk Down The Aisle

Everything around us disappears when I see you getting near. My eyes are locked onto you, Your eyes are locked onto me. Time has stopped. I have goosebumps on my whole body, You’re smiling because you know the effect you have on me, you know what you’re doing to me. I’m thrilled by your beauty.Continue reading “When You Walk Down The Aisle”

I feel At Place

Every morning I wake up and see your beautiful face that’s bathing in the sunrise. Every morning I wake up and smell the coffee that you made; just for me. Every morning I wake up and figure out you already filled the bathtub. Every morning I wake up and I see the newspaper you leftContinue reading “I feel At Place”

I’m Just This Girl

I love different smiles on different human faces, their joy amazes me everytime. I love the beach and its soft sand, the golfs rolling in the sea. I love the warmth of my family and friends, it feels cozy when they are in my presence & when I’m around them. I love listening to myContinue reading “I’m Just This Girl”

More Than Friends

The way you look so beautiful in my headlights when I’m driving through your street and you’re already waiting outside for me. Yes it makes me longing for us to be, ..more than friends. The way you always leave your jacket on my couch. Yes I want to be more than friends with you. TheContinue reading “More Than Friends”

The Dishes

I left the dirty dishes on the kitchen counter for years. Again and again, I have this fight with the broken dishwasher and I’ll know the soap won’t wash away my tears. I can’t see anything else than just my tableware lying torn apart on the floor. I lose my temper and I’m screaming, I’mContinue reading “The Dishes”

Being Alone

My phone looks like it’s dead and it’s left on the kitchen floor. Nobody’s giving me attention, I’ve never been so alone before like I’m right now. Nobody’s reaching out to me, So nobody is feeling my pain. I’m wasting my time with worrying about my lonely life, well, all of this doesn’t make senseContinue reading “Being Alone”

I’m So In Love It Hurts

My heart is slamming against my ribs. My lips are longing for your delicious looking lips. My body wants to be close to you. My nose smells that magnificent scent that’s surrounding you. My eyes are admiring your summer tan. My knees and toes are feeling weak. My organs were swimming in your sweetness yesterday,Continue reading “I’m So In Love It Hurts”