I’ve Thrown Away My Sleep

When I can’t sleep at night,

My body wakes up during the wrong time, when it’s only midnight.

Please don’t expect me to hide it,

the bottle of Tennessee Whiskey you left behind;

I already opened it.

My bare feet are touching the cold floor from my dark living room.

I guess my house is not used to live without you since you’ve been gone too soon.

Rembrandt’s self portrait is staring at me from across the room and I can’t wait to escape from this doom.

I’m drunk and wasted,

I’m far away from being tipsy and well-raised.

I thought the music from The Night Game could make me forget everything that is you,

but I guess that’s not true, since every song brings me back to all of our memories.

I throw away all of your stupid science fiction books that you proudly own,

looks like you got a lot of money blown.

I throw away all of your obnoxious looking T-Shirts and sweatpants.

I don’t care that I’m mad at you right now,

I just can’t sleep and it’s killing me.

I’ve thrown away your car keys, your wallet and your newspaper,

I’ve thrown away your jeans.

I’ve thrown away my smile, my heart, my hope and constant believe in love.

Bust most of all, I’ve thrown away my sleep.

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