Damaged Clock

The clock is beaten up and damaged, it’s lying on the floor. I guess I finally lost my temper. The minute & hour hands are smeared with cold blood, I know the clock can’t be fixed, It’s broken for good. The seconds on the clock are wounds now, since there’s no time left anymore forContinue reading “Damaged Clock”

My Washed Hair (You love it)

Again and again you tell me you love my hair when I just washed it, You can’t stop talking about it; the way you say I look when I’m in my after-shower glory. You say when you see me with wet hair, you discover something personal of me, and it’s like you know me aContinue reading “My Washed Hair (You love it)”

The Night Game

I want to catch our broken love story & history just like an outfielder is trying to catch his ball in The Outfield. I can only cry about everything; (us), that’s torn apart. I’m no Bad Girls Don’t Cry kinda type. Once In A Lifetime I thought we were about to last forever but IContinue reading “The Night Game”

I’m Speechless

I’m speechless when you look at me. I’m speechless whenever you touch me. I’m speechless when your fingertips are drawing a lovely pattern against my skin. I’m speechless when you say you loved me from the very beginning. I’m speechless when you make the words from my lips disappear. I’m speechless because your warm breathContinue reading “I’m Speechless”

A Cool September

August was very grey and chilly during its last weeks and days. Today it’s the first day of September and I’ve started the morning with cold morning dew. I miss the summer vacation because I’m new into this chilly September where the nights and mornings are cold and after summer’s warmth is pretty bold. MyContinue reading “A Cool September”