Carly Pearce & Red Wine & Me & You

There’s merlot on my lips, we’re drinking red wine together. Country music from Carly Pearce is playing in the background. There are stains of red wine on my white T-Shirt, your warm hands are placed against my hips. The color of my lipstick reminds you of red wine, the color of my lipstick makes youContinue reading “Carly Pearce & Red Wine & Me & You”

Brooklyn Bridge

When it’s dark outside, and when there’s no light, who cares if I’m crying on the Brooklyn Bridge? . When I don’t know where I am, and the people around me are strangers, who can blame me if I die in loneliness on the Brooklyn Bridge? . When my wounds are carved in the cablesContinue reading “Brooklyn Bridge”

I Love You

It’s raining blood outside, blood’s splashing against my broken window. There’s blood in my eyes, because I’m crying, blood is spraying from my wounds. It’s not good, no it’s not good. . I love you, but I can’t have you and it hurts so much. . My heart is torn apart, So many horrible thingsContinue reading “I Love You”

This Hotel

I’m in the lobby, An ashtray is lying on the dirty coffee table. Tourist magazines are spread on the front desk that hasn’t been cleaned for years. I can’t bear this hotel anymore. I smell the horrible scent of the breakfast buffet that has been waiting too long for guests that are still sleeping. OnContinue reading “This Hotel”