This Hotel

I’m in the lobby,

An ashtray is lying on the dirty coffee table.

Tourist magazines are spread on the front desk that hasn’t been cleaned for years.

I can’t bear this hotel anymore.

I smell the horrible scent of the breakfast buffet that has been waiting too long for guests that are still sleeping.

On the floor lies a musty carpet,

it’s stained with spots from old filter coffee that you can’t get rid of.

The front desk clerk is staring out of boredom at an ugly painting that’s hanging on the wall by the stiff lounge room.

My bed is covered with an old fashioned bedspread.

The curtains hanging by the windows are discolored.

The balcony is so small, you can’t even sit!

The airconditioner is making an annoying sound in the silence.

The elevators are dark,

The staircase is too dangerous.

I’m passing by yawning hotel guests in worn out pyjamas and night gowns.

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