The Restaurant

The restaurant at the dark end of the street, is A place where the lonely souls like to meet. People say it’s an uncomfortable place to eat. It has old chairs nobody likes to sit on, and wine stained windows. The restaurant has a broken dishwasher, the sink is covered in blood. The menu’s terrifying.Continue reading “The Restaurant”

I’m On The Way Home

I’m on the way home, because you don’t love me anymore. I’m on the way home, and you’re not sitting next to me in the passenger seat, you’re not waking up underneath my sheets. I’m on the way home, because you don’t love me anymore I’m trying to move on. I step into my carContinue reading “I’m On The Way Home”

I Guess This Is Goodbye

You told me you didn’t have any plans for tonight, then why did you drive away from my house so fast? We were watching a science fiction movie. When the closing credits rolled by, you put on your coat and picked up your shoes. You were gone and nowhere seen. I guess this is goodbye…  Continue reading “I Guess This Is Goodbye”

Hauntingly Beautiful Songs

I know so many songs that are hauntingly beautiful. I can name at least thousands of songs who can make my body and skin turn ice cold. I can listen to songs who make shivers run down my spine. I can mention millions of songs who can make me bleed inside. I want to listenContinue reading “Hauntingly Beautiful Songs”