You’re Out Of My Life

I walk through the street where you used to live,

hoping if I might see you again.

But you don’t live here anymore,

you aren’t here right now.


I pass the house that once was yours and mine.

I’m drowning in tears,

I’m not fine.

People say right now you’re living in a penthouse far away from here

and far away from me.


I catch the old neighbors looking at me with frowns carfed into their faces.

It is true,

since you’ve been out of my life,

 I’ve never moved to another place.

I guess I’m still not over you.


I put on my denim jacket, the one you used to wear.

I feel the harsh wind blowing against me

and I feel the ghost of you in my old car,

I see the ghost of you in my rearview mirror.


I go to the grocery store 10 minutes away from your old house.

I buy a bottle of Pinot Noir (your favorite wine)

and drink straight from it even though I know I have to drive home.


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