How Did We Get Here?

How did we get here?   We are so broken and shattered, we are mourning. We carry thousands of doubts and fears upon our wounded shoulders.   How the hell did we get here?   We developed forbidden feelings for each other, but we have to keep them hidden! My heart is wrapped up inContinue reading “How Did We Get Here?”

You Left Me And My House

The dryer’s disturbing the silence in my empty bedroom, The dishwasher is making a loud noise in the ice cold living room. The kettle is crying in the neglected kitchen, The curtain is torn apart and I’m dying. The furniture is covered with a thick layer of my blood, The screen of the television isContinue reading “You Left Me And My House”

Utrecht Is Bleeding

There’s blood in a tram, The rails are covered in blood and tears. I think Utrecht will be traumatized for many years. A quarter to 11 in the morning, Utrecht started bleeding. Three innocent victims and nine wounded survivors. Utrecht is crying, we are crying, I am crying. Utrecht is bleeding, we are bleeding, IContinue reading “Utrecht Is Bleeding”

Ocober 1st. {Route 91, Harvest Festival 2017}

I wish you were here with me, in this big house. Since you’ve been gone, home doesn’t feel like home at all. I walk through the dark hall to your bedroom. Your bedroom is empty and when I walk into it, it feels horrible. You’re not here anymore, and I try to hold in myContinue reading “Ocober 1st. {Route 91, Harvest Festival 2017}”

I Just Can’t

I just can’t say goodbye, I can’t help but cry. I just can’t speak, I can’t help but feel weak. I just can’t sleep. There’s nobody watching over me, There’s nobody bringing me home. I just can’t find any shelter, There’s nobody helping me. I can’t help but cry, I can’t stop mourning. I can’tContinue reading “I Just Can’t”

Marriage & Funeral

De church bells are ringing psalms of mourning Instead of happy hymns about the bride and groom. I’m walking down the aisle in this cold church room. I feel your breath against my shoulder, Your broken father is walking beside me.    Marriage & Funeral  . My white weddingdress is not white anymore like itContinue reading “Marriage & Funeral”

This Is A Tree

This is a lifeless tree. This is a tree with a beaten trunk. This is a tree with bleeding wounds. This is a tree that’s feeling numb. This is a tree with brances crying out songs about mourning and suffering. This is a tree living in constant fright. This is a tree that never felt love before. Continue reading “This Is A Tree”