10 minutes left

10 minutes left until you leave me for another place,

10 minutes left until I won’t see you again.

10 minutes left and I want to speak to you,

10 minutes left and I want to caress your face.

10 minutes left and I want to;

kiss you, hug, and live with you…

.. but instead I have to miss you because it’s too late.


Rachel Wammack makes me think of you

The living room is dark and I’m sitting on the couch in this empty house,

the dishwasher is making an annoying sound in the background.

I’m staring at the flames that are fading out in the fireplace,

today I only think about you, darling I miss your face.

It’s hurting me deep inside to listen to Rachel Wammack’s music all alone,

her music was meant to make me forget about you, but I guess it seems that I just can’t.

I run towards the bathroom and I try to hold myself together as I’m standing here with my eyes closed against the cold bathroom wall.

My vision is blurry by the tears in my eyes,

my mascara is smeared so I’m aggressively washing my face in the sink.

I turn on the shower and I grimace as the ice-cold water hits my skin,

it makes me shiver from the outside and within.

I fall down onto the bathroom floor and I scream out the words from “Closure”,

I think I just lost my composure.

Song tip: “Closure” by Rachel Wammack

Cry on my shoulder

My white T-Shirt is drenched from your tears but I don’t care.

Just cry on my shoulder and bare your heart,

show me your worries about tomorrow.

Your eyes are red and you’re in sorrow.

Baby you’re suffering but please don’t suffer on your own,

I’m here with you so you don’t have to go through all of it alone.

Just cry on my shoulder and bare your heart,

don’t be ashamed there’s nobody else to witness it, only me.

Scream out your pain,

I don’t care.

Do it over and over again.

I was born to love you through your good and bad times,

I was born to protect you,

I was born to let you cry on my shoulder.

Song tip: “Break On Me” Keith Urban

23 July, 2020

I just recently bought a new vinyl record,

I play it on my record player.

It’s called “Monovision” by Ray LaMontagne.


I just recently bought a pair of brown slacks and a creamy white blouse with short sleeves,

I lay them on my ironing board,

I’m ironing out the creases.


I just recently saw the summer sun shining through my bedroom window,

I invited him over for coffee.

But he quickly said goodbye and a breeze replaced him for a while until tomorrow.

You’re in the seat next to me

You’re here in the seat next to me in our garden,

You’re here with me, during summer, during autumn, during winter and during spring.

Darling, seasons change and we have grown older but your beauty never changed a thing.


You are here in the seat next to me in our car and you whisper sweet nothings against my ear,

I feel chills running up and down my spine,

You still manage to make me feel weak in the knees even after all those years.


You’re  here in the seat next to me in our living room and our hands intertwine,

darling, we made our vows for better and for worse and I thank God every day that you’re still mine.


You are in the seat next to me in our local cinema and we’re watching our life pass by just like a movie trailer.

Darling, if I could rewind to a special moment in our life,

I would do it over and over again right now,

with you in the seat right next to me.

I press play at the moment when we first locked eyes, when we said those “I love You’s”, when you first met my parents, when you needed my comfort, when you said “I do”, and when we were kissing yesterday in the pouring rain.

Care About Someone

Write somebody a letter,

or send someone a handwritten card.

Call somebody on the phone,

or greet your neighbor when you’re in your backyard.

Give somebody a smile,

or give someone your complete attention.

Stay in contact with your family,

and your friends.

Let someone know you’re thinking about them,

especially when you haven’t seen that person in weeks.

Look in on someone,

or buy some groceries for people you don’t really know.

Share your music with the world,

or give someone a song of hope to hold onto, during this difficult situation.

Read a psalm or a verse from the Bible,

or pray together with somebody else about your frustrations.

The Grand Ole Opry House

The rain is falling down the pavements,

I’m strolling through the streets.

My wounds are bleeding,

I see The Grand Ole Opry House, shining in the dark with all of his glory.

I’m longing to go inside,

to keep the sorrow off my mind.

I want to pick up a banjo and play the snares until my fingers bleed.

I want to fall down on my knees right there on the stage.

I want to scream out my pain.

I close my eyes and I hear the country music playing in the background.

I hear the pedal steel,

I hear the fiddle,

I hear the guitar.

I open my eyes again and I glance at my watch,

it’s getting late.

Before I go,

Grand Ole Opry House,

there’s one thing I have to say;

“I love you”…