Nothing In My Pocket

I make the country roads possible for my entry with my worn-out sneakers and my scant spending impossible for one of those warm sweaters, behind those windows; I will rather exchange my timeless coldness for them.. …. And all the time my hand will search to the very beginning of the unfortunately unused Denim, IContinue reading “Nothing In My Pocket”

Waiting In The Hospital, Waiting For You..

The astringent scent of the chemicals; provision of a healing that’s not yet in your employent.. …. The beeping of the heart monitors the causing of a horrible woriedness, Together as one violent headache, I’m praying and begging for a chance to get you out of this anxiety, Darling, I’m so restless… … But I’llContinue reading “Waiting In The Hospital, Waiting For You..”

Heart Beating Through Shirts

In this moment so prolonged and silent. All of our lips are closed, losing the speaking and her might. I hear the sound of moving cloth, T-shirt murmurous of thousands of hearts, those hearts never migrate out off the warm bodies, they never neglect the bodies’ regulation;  their important parts.. … And the blood unit,Continue reading “Heart Beating Through Shirts”

Sunday Morning

   Open your eyes from your sleep, this is the morning for we all seek. Waking up on a sun kissed pillow, hearing your prayers appear in the branches of the peaceful willow; God’s created wonder.. … Staring at the white clouds and escaping from the real world while letting your thoughts fly away toContinue reading “Sunday Morning”

Summer Rain

The break of dawn mistaken in her appearance. The atmosphere of the fresh morning mist, which eventually clogged herself. ….. The clouds have provoked the raindrops, to the attainment of the dry ground, exposed to the warm sun who have no other way , they’ve done it so very well.. …. The play of everyContinue reading “Summer Rain”

The Aroma Of The Sea

The morning and her blankets of clouds; She lets them disappear.. I see the break of dawn; its beauty born in the atmosphere.. It won’t take long until I meet this eternal aroma again. … The white fabric of my beach T-shirt shining in the sunlight; as my precious gain… Sea salt lingering in myContinue reading “The Aroma Of The Sea”