I’m Drinking Your Wine

The break of dawn is red like my lonely blood when I’m without you I’m staring at my glass of wine a brand of wine a pure taste  you love so much feeding my lips I’m drinking your wine And you seem so close  but I know you’re on the other side of the seaContinue reading “I’m Drinking Your Wine”

Scotch On The Rocks

Waiting until the ice will break between us, But I surely know that’ll never happen . Old jeans always discolour, I know they will never have that colour, like they had before when those jeans were brand-new. . Mistakes, faults, accidents, they will always stay into the back of our minds. . Our lives areContinue reading “Scotch On The Rocks”

I Just Keep On Smoking

Tar fills my lungs, I’n wanting to forget those precious memories, when I sang for you just before bedtime . Thousands of seasons and worlds weren’t used to live without you And I can’t even live without you, can’t you see? . I’m drinking horrible black coffee, Later on I will be burning that bottleContinue reading “I Just Keep On Smoking”

Say Goodbye To Them For Me

Say goodbye to them for me, When I know it’s already too late. Say goodbye to them for me, During this horrible time of hiding for danger,  which I hate. Say goodbye to them for me, When the bullet’s reaching my heart. Say goodbye to them for me, Tell them they still have their placesContinue reading “Say Goodbye To Them For Me”

Will Someone Take Me Home Tonight

Rain clattering against the window; it’s foggy from my tears All I know is:  this horrible weather is going on for years . I live in fears of letting you go I live in this vicious circle of missing you So at day I let myself sink into dirty cafés and bars and with everyContinue reading “Will Someone Take Me Home Tonight”