Precious Love

Hold your body close to mine, So I can feel your warmth and it would be fine. I feel my fingers spuddle with the blankets; shuddering from the beat of your own heart. Our hearts, each their own rhythm; yet there’s nothing in between keeping their uniqueness apart… … Lay your hand on the placeContinue reading “Precious Love”


My headache feels like a stabbing knife, reaching out for pain. My bloodstream is aching in my vein. .. I feel my eyelids are hurting  causing there constant closing.. Eyelashes falling out, from their battle of the poisoned tears; they’re sadly losing.. .. My knuckles are bruised from the fight, I feel my cold waterContinue reading “Hallucination”


Her voice fills itself in the empty room, Discovering a new melody as a new fragile bloom; …. Whispering through souls, At the same time firm in speaking, Through hearts beating With her own feelings and experiences; Each their own emotions and differences. …. Closing eyes while taking a breath, Strumming strings constantly like aContinue reading “Singer”