These streets shimmer from the sad rain, broken asphalt, thousands of lost pebbles wanna live there again.. … Dimming streetlights; the last little bit of light: shining in this horrible fright, we seem to be attacked on.. …. Bloodied balconies; full of broken chances of a pretty life: The lives we screamed for in ourContinue reading “Angels”

Connecting Bodies

Darling, I feel your rising chest pressed up against mine, I hear your heart beating and I’ll know you’ll be fine.. … Darling, place your head in the crook of my neck, look into my eyes; into the deepest of my revelation, my secrets and my joy. …. Darling, do you know you’re the eternalContinue reading “Connecting Bodies”


I see the thorns, stabbing into the precious flesh from Your now wounded forehead, the betrayal had made himself an afforded, to the cruel darkness.. …. Is this the joyful past whom always seemed endless, now suddenly broken? … The wounds seem to cling into the deepest of Your strong Hands; now suffering from weakness andContinue reading “Crucify”