A Sweet Song By Chris Young

I find myself in the back of this bar My gaze is discovering your frame You’re not that far from me As you’re still in my sight I’m wondering:  “Darling, who’s your company tonight?” I think it’s wonderful- : the way the discolights are covering your broad face And I won’t be leaving this place Continue reading “A Sweet Song By Chris Young”

Just Make Your Move

During this long long nights I know you would never expect me standing before your door But I’m here  I know you’re sitting on your squeaky floor & I’m just waiting for you to open up the door of your distrusting heart It’s keeping so long for you let me in I know that’s becauseContinue reading “Just Make Your Move”

My Black T-Shirts

I fold my laundry There’s no more clothing to see Than only these black T-Shirts They remind me of my dark tears Nothing will ever be the same Nothing will be right again Because all the sudden you left this colourful world And that colourful world was turning grey There’s nothing more to say IContinue reading “My Black T-Shirts”