Grandpa’s Tractor

He puts on his light brown trench coat, He puts on his farmers hat, I’m putting on my rubber boots. Grandpa opens the door from the barn, And there I see it  the red tractor standing in the warm sun that has been sneakin’ through the old window. My grandpa laughs at me when heContinue reading “Grandpa’s Tractor”

She Got Drunk Last Night

I’m in my car I’m on my way to the cigar and beer smelling bar I’m in my car I’m on my way to my best friend  She’s drunk and wasted She’s broken inside I want to pick her up So she can stay somewhere safe tonight I want her to stay by my sideContinue reading “She Got Drunk Last Night”

The Slufter ๐Ÿž

Bare feet in the dune grass Hiking trails Sand is lingering underneath my nails Creeks of sweet water My feet are jumping into There’s no other path So we have to cross  We have to move to the other side of the creek The seagulls are living close by the giant creek with black andContinue reading “The Slufter ๐Ÿž”

When I Find A Linda Ronstadt Vinyl Record

I’ve been crate digging  I’ve been crate digging all day long I’ve been crate digging I’ve been crate digging all night long Nobody will ever understand the feeling When I finally find a Linda Ronstadt record My heart will jump in excitement A smile will spread my face It’s my happiness everybody will be dealingContinue reading “When I Find A Linda Ronstadt Vinyl Record”

I Forgot My Sun Cream

Beach towels around our necks Bikinis are tied  T-Shirts and tank tops are brushing against our backs Flipflops moving in the warm sand . At the evening we have to put on the BBQ But slow down brother Slow down sister Let me enjoy this beautiful time at the beach  … It’s around 5 pm Continue reading “I Forgot My Sun Cream”