At The Wrong Time

You’re knocking at my door and it’s at the wrong time; You see, my mind’s trying to live without you. Just when I thought I was feeling fine, It seems I’m not right now! I try to disappear so I sneak out of the door, I’m running through the streets like I never did before.Continue reading “At The Wrong Time”

Sangria On My Lips

My mouth is tasting the fruitiness of this drink, My lips are tasting red wine. I taste sangria on my lips and it’s devine. My mouth is tasting something pure and wonderful. I taste sangria on my lips and I’m drunk. My touth is tasting something so fine. I taste sangria on my lips andContinue reading “Sangria On My Lips”

Wednesday Afternoon

It is wednesday afternoon, I ate my meal in the restaurant with other residents and after that I went to my room. There isn’t so much happening right now and right here. The annoying sound of the dishwasher is making me frown. Around 2 pm I know the floors will be cleaned, it’s the onlyContinue reading “Wednesday Afternoon”

Cigarettes In The Sink

I have everything to worry about, I just wanna scream and shout. The refrigerator is empty, there’s nothing to eat and to drink. My dry and hungry lips are longing for a delicious meal and a good glass of wine. My body doesn’t like to be neglected. I have no more cigarettes left to smoke,Continue reading “Cigarettes In The Sink”

I’ve Thrown Away My Sleep

When I can’t sleep at night, My body wakes up during the wrong time, when it’s only midnight. Please don’t expect me to hide it, the bottle of Tennessee Whiskey you left behind; I already opened it. My bare feet are touching the cold floor from my dark living room. I guess my house isContinue reading “I’ve Thrown Away My Sleep”

During Break Of Dawn

During break of dawn I’m lost, And I know for sure. I’m drinking coffee from a mug that’s dripping with my blood. I sleep underneath a blanket of thorns. During break of dawn I’m upset. My wounds have opened, blood is streaming down my naked body. This cold shower is making me regret my life.Continue reading “During Break Of Dawn”