Tucking You Into Bed

Here I am, I’m alone again; In this dark living room. . If you’re wondering what your father’s about? He was going to bed very soon, He’s been sleeping for hours. I’ve been weeping on this chouch for hours I’m yawning but I know I will never fall asleep, Like your daddy does so carefree.Continue reading “Tucking You Into Bed”

Beach Towels And Tim McGraw Songs

I accidentally spilled a whole can of Miller Lite onto my beach towel, because I was in such a happy mood, I’m such a coward, Now I lost my sunglasses.. . My feet are covered with warm sand, seasalt is lingering against my skin. I’ve been pushed into the sea by my best friends, nowContinue reading “Beach Towels And Tim McGraw Songs”

This Sunset Still Reminds Me Of You

You’re not here anymore But I feel you’re living in the seawind And you’re guiding me to the shore I continue walking Hoping for a beautiful evening sky I cry  I see a sunset  And it makes me remind me of you I hear your voice in the gulfs, saying “darling don’t you fret” I’llContinue reading “This Sunset Still Reminds Me Of You”