Rain Keeps Falling

The rain keeps falling, last summer, are you coming back with your usual warmth we then had? and now I´m still calling for it. . My white socks are drenched because of the rainy water, the sudden white clouds I’m yearning for with the hope of a possible beautiful weather, with a blue sky too,Continue reading “Rain Keeps Falling”

Crashed Down On The Pavement

I taste the astringent dirt of cigarettes. My lips are nailed down into the pavement. My skin is torn with her many layers, to the deepest of my flesh; within. The blood is streaming out of my wounded hands. Yes, I’m wasted, so wasted. in this situation of losing you. . Yes, of course. IContinue reading “Crashed Down On The Pavement”

Cold Evening In September

Red, purple and blue knuckels, cold hands tingling because they’re close by the fire, the warmth that snuggles within me, it causes an unexplainable desire. Yes, it is a cold evening in September.  But I don’t mind. . My lungs are breathing in the air of coal spreaded into the sky in its whole.  YetContinue reading “Cold Evening In September”